Carson R Cole

1760 Susan Place NW · Bainbridge Island, WA 98110 · (206) 451-7216 ·

I am a SASS Ruby on Rails application developer, with experience across multiple industries, and with the combined capabilities of design, development, and management experience. I've built and managed businesses, designing software that leverages business flows and intelligence.  Download my resume.


My experience includes designing and building over 50 Ruby on Rails SASS applications, from complete investment management to logistics, health care, and reputation management. I have a broad array of technology and management skills and have the capability to source and manage global development and product teams to deliver applications on time and under budget.

Team Lead Engineer


The leader of an 8-person global development team, utilizing a Ruby on Rails stack powering a site delivering over 1 million requests per day, and delivering a computing infrastructure that processes millions of business reviews daily.

April 2018 - Present

Senior Lead Engineer

Gallo Law /

Re-engineered Ruby on Rails application for fully-automated continuous integration on AWS, reducing costs by 85% ($16,300 => $3,000 monthly). Designed and implemented a more secure application within a VPC architecture and also eliminated extensive use of 3rd party services that allowed for security vulnerabilities. Redesigned databases to be more redundant, secure, and allow for point-in-time recovery.

April 2017 - April 2018

Senior Ruby on Rails Engineer

Wellthie Inc.

Senior engineer on four Ruby on Rails applications, completing feature design and development work.

June 2016 - January 2017

Founder, Lead Inventor & Engineer


Founded and lead-engineered this Ruby on Rails-based investment management firm, into a 19 micro-services-backed infrastructure. Managed global team of 8 engineers. Was the principal designer behind the firms’ investment decision-making engine, trading and accounting applications. Successfully migrated complete architecture from Amazon AWS to Digital Ocean in less than 30 days with zero downtime.

September 2010 - Current

Founder, Lead Developer

Komodopost LTD.

Founded the company and lead designed and developed this Ruby on Rails-backed application.

September 2006 - December 2009

Founder, Lead Technical Director

DebtTraders Group Inc.

Founded this broker-dealer and built it into a 150-employee global operation that became the largest independent dealer in junk bonds internationally. Designed and developed the infrastructure and software that supported all trading and accounting.

September 1999 - December 20065


Programming Languages & Tools
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) (16 years)
  • Digital Ocean (6 years)
  • Heroku (15 years)
  • Rackspace (2 years)
  • PostgreSQL (8 years)
  • MySQL (8 years)
  • Redis (7 years)
  • MariaDB (3 years)
  • Ansible (7 years)
  • Terraform (1 years)
  • Heroku Pipelines (3 years)
  • Ruby (16 years)
  • Ruby on Rails (16 years)
  • Swift (1 years)
  • SQL (19 years)
  • HTML5 (18 years)
  • Javascript (15 years)


Examples of my body of coding work.

Scout Hike

Scout Hike was created to promote being outdoors for Scouting as a result of COVID-19. With it being difficult to meet in person, this web app promotes a self-managed nightime hiking activity, encouraging Scouts to hike and see how they compare with other Scouts in their Unit. This web app can be tailored for any unit and is currently being used to host Troops I am associated with here.

Scout Activity

Scout Activity is a web app for promoting Unit activities, by encouraging idea collection from parents and scouts, and then providing a way for voting on activities. This app makes it easy for parents to get involved and getting Scouts excited about possible ideas. This web app is a multi-tenant application that is designed for multiple Units. This code runs the site


Corn Cub is a multi-Scout Unit or single Unit application for managing and for promoting involvement in a Scout popcorn fundraiser. For Scouts, they can track their progress, prizes they might have earned, and manage orders and deliveries. For Leaders, Corn Cub provides a financial accounting and inventory management system. With Corncub, you will always know how much inventory you have, where it is, and how much your unit has earned.

Virtual Developer Jobs

This application is an online job site for contract developers working virtually/remotely, but can be modified for any type of job site..


Ecycle is a web app for fully managing an electronics recycling event, and includes marketing, customer e-waste signups, online donations, and Troop pickup management.

Ansible Role: PostgreSQL

Installs and configures PostgreSQL server on RHEL/CentOS or Debian/Ubuntu servers. This is a forked version of geerlingguy's Ansible Role: PostgreSQL.


Designed and built this leading edge investing platform for high net-worth individuals, with a first-of-its-kind portfolio management capability, that continues to be the only service that identifies individual investments and creates portfolios based on individual investor needs.


University of New Hampshire

Bachelor of Science
Business Administration/Economics
June 1989


Other than programming I am an avid outdoorsmen, taking full advantage of the beautiful Northwest.

Supporting Boy Scouts is also an important endeavor, dedicating time to guide young men, including my son, in building strong outdoor and leadership skills.